Dallas Trane Dealer: 2013 Models are in and more efficient than ever !

Trane Dealers in Dallas have received the new 2013 models. Additions to the line-up feature industry leading ductless technology. Doug the AC Guy explains.

Summer approaches in Dallas along with high AC bills. Trane has begun shipping the new 2013 HVAC equipment and there are some notable products. Overall efficiencies have improved and Trane dealers now offer a complete line of ductless heating and cooling equipment for homes.

The first question from most people is “What does ductless mean?” So we start there. Ductless heating and cooling equipment does not require any air ducts. There is no need for any of the metal or accordion-like ducts that most homeowners see in their attic or under the house. The high tech outside unit produces the cooling or heating and delivers it to small wall or ceiling mounted units in the structure. The indoor units have a fan which circulates the heated or cooled air

Ductless technology is ideal for retrofits where no existing duct work is in place. Trane Dealer ductless products also feature ultra high efficiency ratings which help lower heating costs. These products are actually common in most counties around the world. Trane ductless technology has a long and reliable history in many countries  The popularity of the ductless technology has only recently exploded in popularity in Dallas air conditioning replacements.

Much of the confusion surrounding ductless AC is due to the fact that it is referred to by different names. One of those names is inverter systems. This refers to the motor technology that enable these units to achieve such high efficiencies. Another factor is that many contractors are unfamiliar with the technology or installation techniques. When shopping it is important to contact a factory authorized Trane Dealer.

For AC customers in Dallas that replace the AC system in an a home with existing duct work there are excellent options. Many of the 2013  two stage Trane products utilize similar motor controls. Ultra high efficiency and improved comfort are the result. The key with any AC replacement is to contact a Dallas Trane dealer. After an on-site inspection they can recommend the appropriate equipment that fits your budget. You are also assured of expert installation and factory warranty coverage. Non-factory authorized installers cannot offer this peace of mind.

Doug Stephens TACLB34855E aka Doug the AC Guy owns and operates DallasAC.com He offers tips to homeowners about low cost AC and saving energy in Dallas, Texas


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