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Dallas Trane Dealers work with homeowners to achieve max comfort at minimum cost. The program allows consumers to decide their next move with home HVAC before a system failure occurs. There is even a discount for taking advantage of this tool!

Trane dealers have a variety of special deals and high tech products for Spring 2014. The new Procomfort line is light years ahead of existing technology. These units use the converter technology common in ductless products. This allows super high efficiency and energy stingy operation. The best part is that these units actually provide greater comfort and temperature control. All this and the reliability of a Trane product.

Only Certified Trane Dealers can sell and install genuine Trane products. Go to first or contact your local Dallas Trane Dealer. Either way you can receive the limited time discount and specials offered online,

Reminder for homeowners: Always ask to see the license and insurance of your contractor. Also, make sure that that the are factory certified dealers. Installation of equipment by unapproved installers VOIDS the warranty. The longest equipment life and best performance always depends on factory trained installers.

Doug the AC Guy owns and operates TACLB34855E. Doug helps homeowners upgrade to Trane at affordable prices. Contact him for the latest product info or pricing.

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Find A Dallas Trane Dealer For Spring Specials

Cool spring weather presents the perfect opportunity to replace that old air conditioner. High energy bills will be a thing of the past with New Trane Energy Star HVAC equipment. Spring Rebates and Financing are available. Installation before hot weather begins means savings and convenience.

For 2013 Trane has an improved line-up of ultra hi-efficiency products like the XL20i or the XL16i. These models use energy saving dual compressor or two stage operations to provide dramatic savings. The customer receives enhanced comfort and saves energy. There is no trade-off . These highest efficiency models deliver the most consistent temperature and humidity control.

Dallas Trane Dealers can provide energy savings for homeowners with a modest budget. Heat pumps or high tech thermostats selected by authorized Trane Dealers can achieve savings similar to the high end equipment. The key is to allow an expert to design a system based upon your needs and budget.

Many consumers focus on purchasing the highest SEER equipment at the lowest price. Many times better results may be achieved by an authorized Trane Dealer in Dallas submit a bid. Your Trane Dealer will analyze all the factor like duct work, insulation, and so on. In some homes a less expensive solution gives better results !

Call an expert….don’t try to become one. How many unscrupulous AC guys will argue with you if you want to overbuy and overpay? Probably not that many.Find a Dallas Trane Dealer and begin your project with an expert.

Doug The AC Guy owns and operates TACLB34855E. Google+

Trane Dallas Extreme Values: Check It Out

Trane in Dallas can help some AC customers in Dallas purchase air conditioners at huge discounts. A very limited number of complete systems are sold as close-outs or overstock. Occasionally equipment is available that has received minor scratches during shipping. View the extreme Trane values

Let’s take a look at how a frugal consumer can save big money. The first thing is to plan your home HVAC upgrade. The supply of this equipment is limited and impossible to predict. Homeowners can’t try to get the last five minutes of life out of that old unit. If it dies on a hot July day there probably won’t be an overstock unit available. So shop and get the bargain when it is not an emergency.

Secondly, it is important to listen to the dealer. If a particular product is not a good choice for your home an authorized dealer will not install it. A new AC system for your home is not a good deal if it does not serve your comfort needs. Fortunately, the more efficient air conditioner models tend to deliver the best comfort. So let the dealer select the best product to provide comfort and value.

The third point is that you can save money by buying now or waiting. Every day that that old clunker is running you could be saving money with a new high SEER Trane air conditioner. So waiting to get cheaper equipment will be offset by the energy and repair costs of the AC unit. Either way you save.

The most expensive way to heat and cool your home is to do what most people do. The majority of consumers leave the old energy guzzler running and nurse it along with repairs. Then, one summer it dies for good and the homeowner replaces it during the busy season. No discounts, no specials and so on. And, of course, since it is summer no choice. The bad part of this is that many people buy lower SEER equipment that costs less to fit into the budget. This means 15-20 years of wasting energy in the future.

So jump in now or wait and see if you can snag one of the extreme values. With a little planning you can get an extreme value and be more comfortable at the same time. Just another little snippet. At the point that you sell your home, an ancient air conditioner detracts from its value. So if you are going to pay for it, why not enjoy it? Just saying.

Doug Stephens TACLB34855E is Doug The AC Guy. He owns and operates a Trane in Dallas Premier® dealer. Visit Doug at Google+


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