Plan Accordingly in Dallas

Dallas Trane Dealers work with homeowners to achieve max comfort at minimum cost. The program allows consumers to decide their next move with home HVAC before a system failure occurs. There is even a discount for taking advantage of this tool!

Trane dealers have a variety of special deals and high tech products for Spring 2014. The new Procomfort line is light years ahead of existing technology. These units use the converter technology common in ductless products. This allows super high efficiency and energy stingy operation. The best part is that these units actually provide greater comfort and temperature control. All this and the reliability of a Trane product.

Only Certified Trane Dealers can sell and install genuine Trane products. Go to first or contact your local Dallas Trane Dealer. Either way you can receive the limited time discount and specials offered online,

Reminder for homeowners: Always ask to see the license and insurance of your contractor. Also, make sure that that the are factory certified dealers. Installation of equipment by unapproved installers VOIDS the warranty. The longest equipment life and best performance always depends on factory trained installers.

Doug the AC Guy owns and operates TACLB34855E. Doug helps homeowners upgrade to Trane at affordable prices. Contact him for the latest product info or pricing.

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Find A Dallas Trane Dealer For Spring Specials

Cool spring weather presents the perfect opportunity to replace that old air conditioner. High energy bills will be a thing of the past with New Trane Energy Star HVAC equipment. Spring Rebates and Financing are available. Installation before hot weather begins means savings and convenience.

For 2013 Trane has an improved line-up of ultra hi-efficiency products like the XL20i or the XL16i. These models use energy saving dual compressor or two stage operations to provide dramatic savings. The customer receives enhanced comfort and saves energy. There is no trade-off . These highest efficiency models deliver the most consistent temperature and humidity control.

Dallas Trane Dealers can provide energy savings for homeowners with a modest budget. Heat pumps or high tech thermostats selected by authorized Trane Dealers can achieve savings similar to the high end equipment. The key is to allow an expert to design a system based upon your needs and budget.

Many consumers focus on purchasing the highest SEER equipment at the lowest price. Many times better results may be achieved by an authorized Trane Dealer in Dallas submit a bid. Your Trane Dealer will analyze all the factor like duct work, insulation, and so on. In some homes a less expensive solution gives better results !

Call an expert….don’t try to become one. How many unscrupulous AC guys will argue with you if you want to overbuy and overpay? Probably not that many.Find a Dallas Trane Dealer and begin your project with an expert.

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Trane Dallas Extreme Values: Check It Out

Trane in Dallas can help some AC customers in Dallas purchase air conditioners at huge discounts. A very limited number of complete systems are sold as close-outs or overstock. Occasionally equipment is available that has received minor scratches during shipping. View the extreme Trane values

Let’s take a look at how a frugal consumer can save big money. The first thing is to plan your home HVAC upgrade. The supply of this equipment is limited and impossible to predict. Homeowners can’t try to get the last five minutes of life out of that old unit. If it dies on a hot July day there probably won’t be an overstock unit available. So shop and get the bargain when it is not an emergency.

Secondly, it is important to listen to the dealer. If a particular product is not a good choice for your home an authorized dealer will not install it. A new AC system for your home is not a good deal if it does not serve your comfort needs. Fortunately, the more efficient air conditioner models tend to deliver the best comfort. So let the dealer select the best product to provide comfort and value.

The third point is that you can save money by buying now or waiting. Every day that that old clunker is running you could be saving money with a new high SEER Trane air conditioner. So waiting to get cheaper equipment will be offset by the energy and repair costs of the AC unit. Either way you save.

The most expensive way to heat and cool your home is to do what most people do. The majority of consumers leave the old energy guzzler running and nurse it along with repairs. Then, one summer it dies for good and the homeowner replaces it during the busy season. No discounts, no specials and so on. And, of course, since it is summer no choice. The bad part of this is that many people buy lower SEER equipment that costs less to fit into the budget. This means 15-20 years of wasting energy in the future.

So jump in now or wait and see if you can snag one of the extreme values. With a little planning you can get an extreme value and be more comfortable at the same time. Just another little snippet. At the point that you sell your home, an ancient air conditioner detracts from its value. So if you are going to pay for it, why not enjoy it? Just saying.

Doug Stephens TACLB34855E is Doug The AC Guy. He owns and operates a Trane in Dallas Premier® dealer. Visit Doug at Google+


Doug The AC Guy explains why Trane is the best air conditioner value

Doug The AC Guy TACLB34855E owns He explains why it is best to select a Trane Premier® Dealer for the best air conditioner value.

The cost to operate your new HVAC system will be greater than the original purchase price. The challenge for your air conditioning contractor is to satisfy your needs. In general higher SEER cooling equipment costs more at the outset. Then over a period of time energy savings make it the cheapest option. Studies show that energy savings and the premium factory warranty on high end equipment will cost the homeowner the least over the long run.

So how does this apply to the real world? Trane Dealers can find the balance between the lowest priced air conditioning and money-saving high efficiency models. This process is unique for each home and its owner. Budget, length of time in the home, and existing HVAC equipment can be factors.

Dallas Trane Dealers can easily arrange financing which allows customers to buy pricier equipment and realize greater energy savings. The air conditioner helps pay for itself. In the meantime clients enjoy the greater comfort of premium HVAC units and benefit from higher home resale values. Your Trane dealer can explain options that are right for you.

For some customers the length of time they expect to be in their home comes into play. The dealer may be able to upgrade certain components in the HVAC system. This will fix any immediate issues. It can also allow the dealer to select equipment that is useable with the new generation refrigerant R-410a. The home owner can then add other current generation components later that are compatible.

Lastly, your Dallas Trane Dealer can recommend units that minimize some of the cooling issues found in older homes. Two speed systems and variable speed furnaces can eliminate the need for ductwork revisions and other expensive upgrades. The comfort levels achieved with this equipment is almost astonishing. Your authorized Trane Dealer can present the products best suited to each home owner’s needs,

Find a factory authorized Trane dealer. Have him present a proposal that fits your budget and addresses your HVAC Concerns. Then get bids from two other authorized dealers. Think about it and choose the best deal  in Dallas on an air conditioner for you.

Doug Stephens aka Doug The AC Guy operates in Dallas, Texas, is a Trane Premier® dealer. He specializes in custom replacement of residential HVAC systems.

Find Trane in Dallas for the best air conditioner at the lowest price

Dallas Trane Dealers provide Trane heating and cooling at the lowest price. is a Trane Premier® factory authorized dealer in Dallas, Texas.

In Dallas, Trane dealers offer heating and cooling products ideally suited to the local climate. High efficiency (SEER) air conditioners that qualify for the new 2013 Federal Tax Credit are popular. For consumers with a tight budget many other Trane 2013 air conditioners offer energy savings at a very low initial cost.

Your Dallas Trane dealers can offer lower prices than the Big Box retailers. Financing is also available. Customers get the best price and TLC from a local heating and cooling company. Personal service with lower prices and available financing saves money. Clients know the people that serve their AC needs and know who to contact with questions or concerns.

Trane dealers in Dallas depend upon the referrals of satisfied customers. For this reason, a local dealer will make sure that you are satisfied during the sale. The dealer will offer you the right choices with expert installation. Long term customer satisfaction is the number one goal. What is good for the consumer is good business for Dallas Trane dealers.

Use this dealer locator to find a Dallas Trane Dealer. If you are just shopping, feel free to use the Free Google Earth Energy Savings Tool. This online service utilizes satellite data to compute the energy load and potential savings for your home. No pushy salesmen… obligation. You get answer and then contact Dallas Trane.

Doug Stephens TACLB34855E aka Doug the AC Guy owns and operates He can personally offer solutions to customer needs with lower prices with Trane Premier® installation.



Dallas Trane Dealer: 2013 Models are in and more efficient than ever !

Trane Dealers in Dallas have received the new 2013 models. Additions to the line-up feature industry leading ductless technology. Doug the AC Guy explains.

Summer approaches in Dallas along with high AC bills. Trane has begun shipping the new 2013 HVAC equipment and there are some notable products. Overall efficiencies have improved and Trane dealers now offer a complete line of ductless heating and cooling equipment for homes.

The first question from most people is “What does ductless mean?” So we start there. Ductless heating and cooling equipment does not require any air ducts. There is no need for any of the metal or accordion-like ducts that most homeowners see in their attic or under the house. The high tech outside unit produces the cooling or heating and delivers it to small wall or ceiling mounted units in the structure. The indoor units have a fan which circulates the heated or cooled air

Ductless technology is ideal for retrofits where no existing duct work is in place. Trane Dealer ductless products also feature ultra high efficiency ratings which help lower heating costs. These products are actually common in most counties around the world. Trane ductless technology has a long and reliable history in many countries  The popularity of the ductless technology has only recently exploded in popularity in Dallas air conditioning replacements.

Much of the confusion surrounding ductless AC is due to the fact that it is referred to by different names. One of those names is inverter systems. This refers to the motor technology that enable these units to achieve such high efficiencies. Another factor is that many contractors are unfamiliar with the technology or installation techniques. When shopping it is important to contact a factory authorized Trane Dealer.

For AC customers in Dallas that replace the AC system in an a home with existing duct work there are excellent options. Many of the 2013  two stage Trane products utilize similar motor controls. Ultra high efficiency and improved comfort are the result. The key with any AC replacement is to contact a Dallas Trane dealer. After an on-site inspection they can recommend the appropriate equipment that fits your budget. You are also assured of expert installation and factory warranty coverage. Non-factory authorized installers cannot offer this peace of mind.

Doug Stephens TACLB34855E aka Doug the AC Guy owns and operates He offers tips to homeowners about low cost AC and saving energy in Dallas, Texas


Trane Air Conditioners and Trane Furnaces: How to choose in Dallas

Doug The AC Guy owns and operates a Premier® Trane installer. He sells the Trane Air Conditioners and Trane Furnaces best suited for Dallas Texas.

How can a home owner choose the best Trane air conditioner or furnace for their home? There are hundreds of models and possible combinations in the Trane 2013 Product Line. Pictures and descriptions are available online by clicking Trane 2013 AC.

Let’s break choosing Trane HVAC equipment into a few steps for simplicity. First of all, climate matters. With Dallas air conditioning it is important that a system has the capacity to meet extreme cooling needs. At the same time running at partial load on other days results in dramatic savings on energy bills. In northern states like Minnesota more emphasis would be placed upon efficient heating capabilities. So this gives us a starting point.

With Dallas AC needs being the highest priority we look at Air Conditioners first. High SEER and variable speeds are excellent choices. We want the high SEER to get the most cooling per Kwh used. The variable speed part will allow the system to operate at lower capacity on lower demand days. This saves money and dramatically increases comfort. With the system running longer on low we achieve more consistent temperature and humidity control in your home. The good news is that higher efficiency equipment actually makes your home more comfortable. There is no trade-off to save money. (See Psychrometric Chart)

Now comes the next step. Contact a Trane air conditioner dealer in Dallas to select a new Trane AC for your home.  A Premier® Trane installer like can present options for every budget. Do your homework online first. Then contact a contractor you trust to inspect your home and select Trane products based upon your needs. Explain your comfort needs and let him explore your options. You will be surprised at how much money you will save and you will be amazed your comfort.

Doug Stephens aka Doug The AC Guy TACLB34855E is a Premier® Trane AC residential installer in Dallas Texas. His specialty comfort solutions tailored to each  unique home. 




The best Trane furnace for the Dallas area is: Surprise !

Doug Stephens TACLB34855E owns in Dallas. He offers tips on choosing the best Trane furnace to fit your unique needs. You can stay cool and save.

Furnaces in Dallas are an important part of keeping your home comfortable and inviting. The furnace needs to cope with the extreme low temperature swings that are common in midwinter. The furnace needs to handle this task smoothly and economically.

So what is the best Trane furnace for Dallas? The simple answer surprises most people. That is, the best furnace is the one that meets your AC needs.

What? Let’s take a look. During the summer your system has to deliver more than twice the volume of cooled air as warmed air in the winter. The furnace blower provides this air flow for AC in the summer. So an undersized furnace might keep you warm in the winter but not provide enough AC in the summer. In the Dallas area it is very important to make sure that we satisfy the cooling needs when we install a new furnace. In a Northern state like Minnesota more emphasis would be placed on the heating needs.

Yes, yes furnace blowers speeds are adjustable and run at different speeds during winter and summer. The key ,however, is to make sure that the new furnace has the capacity to fulfill your cooling needs. With new equipment we are striving for year round comfort and economy. So we start with cooling needs and work back toward choosing a furnace that suits your home.

There are a number of excellent furnace options that are ideally suited for the Dallas climate. Trane variable speed furnaces offer high levels of economy and unmatched comfort. Depending upon the model, these furnaces may run at lower capacities during heating or cooling. You save money by paying for the heating and cooling that you require. The system automatically adjusts as conditions change.

A key advantage with variable speed furnaces is that the are quiet and run at low speed much of the time. Customers notice that they don’t hear the system but that the temperature is more consistent. These furnaces quietly do their job at the lowest possible operating cost. Now that is a powerful combination.

The preceding discussion is a little over simplified. The important point is that when installing HVAC equipment in Dallas, cooling has to be the primary concern. Due to our climate can easily meet the heating needs with any system that we select. We need to make sure that we anticipate and meet your cooling needs.

Doug Stephens aka Doug The AC Guy by his clients is a Trane Dealer Locator in Dallas, Texas. He owns and operates



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